Connection, adventure, and love

Connecting with nature is one of the things I value most in life. I love to explore and take the time to admire the range of beauty that is so accessible to us if we make the effort. Wild, free, and happy in my heart and soul; which is the inspiration for these sessions.

What does an adventure session look like? That's completely up to you, but the basis of it is you get dolled up (whatever style you want) and we create some memories in beautiful places. Session time will vary but they range from a few hours to a full day depending on location and your interest level.

There are places for every desire and fitness level. We can drive to places that are only a few minutes to walk into but typically have long drives to get to, or we can hike a mountain together. Unplug with me and let me show you some incredible locations right in our back yard (relatively speaking).

Personally I'm all about the hiking into somewhere together. It gives us an experience together; we get to unplug, get to know each other better, and it's more time to connect with your partner/self/family and nature. We can do a short hike or a long hike. We can hike mountains or mostly flat trails into a beautiful lake. Want to go check out some waterfalls? There's a hike for that. Want to travel mostly dirt roads and go out of the way places like the Nation Lakes? I'm in.

Pricing Guide

An Adventure for the Soul

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Full day adventure
$400 print credit

Starting at $1075

An Adventure for the Heart

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Half day adventure
$200 print credit

Starting at $675


What is a Full Day Session compared to a Half Day Session?

A Full Day Session is an all day adventure up to 12 hours including travel time whereas a Half Day Session is up to 6 hours including travel time. The Full Day Session opens up possibilities to go further and explore more. The Half Day Sessions are great for locations closer to town!

Do you have a travel schedule?

With COVID-19 taking over this year I don't currently have a travel schedule. I will post it on my IG and Facebook when I have one so you can take advantage of saving on travel fees!

What if we want to travel somewhere that requires overnight stay?

I'm in! Let me know what you're looking for and we can plan an awesome adventure together.