Get to know me!

Welcome to my about me section, where you will learn random facts you never knew you wanted to know! 

​I'm based out of Vanderhoof, BC., where I work as a professional forester and hobby photographer. I love adventure and will gladly travel for photos. I mostly grew up in Prince George and I've lived in 7 different places since I was 18 years old. 

I am trying to embrace change and grow as a person, as many of us are, and photography is one of the ways I have been able to grow as an individual. It has been a cornerstone of my life the last five years and I absolutely love when I get to adventure and capture the memories and emotions of a moment.

Photo by Cedar + Oak Photography

Kayla og Whispering Wilds Photography feeds stray dogs in Mexico
Kayla of Whispering Wilds Photography hikes with her husband
Kayla of Whispering wilds photography proudly displays the fish she caught

Real life Kayla

My day to day life is not the most exciting. I work in the forest industry, and until recently spent most days in the office. The evenings vary but are usually taking up with some form of exercise followed by food and Netflix...Balance, right? Photography and running have both taught me that I can do hard things. The parallels between the two are actually really interesting.

I'm borderline introverted. What does that mean? I love being around people until I am exhausted from sharing energy and then I need to be alone to recharge. But wait! Don't leave me alone too long or I'll be sad when the extroverted part of me doesn't get it's fill. I can also be loud...overly loud and when I get excited I babble. I fully believe in accepting yourself with all your quirks and the awkwardness.

I am a sounding board and a cheering squad for my friends and I love to watch people succeed. I'm also a crier. I cry when I watch happy things from a man feeding a stray dog, to people following their dreams...even in movies. Like in The Devil Wears Prada when she quits the industry because she knows it's the right thing to do for her....yup, I cry.

Photo by Dayle Kennedy Photography

Photo by Dayle Kennedy Photography