I found myself in a bit of a pickle for March's People Profile when the original individual I had lined up was no longer able to make it work. Thankfully I had nominations come in on Facebook to fill the spot! I actually have two lined up for March now so I hope you're as excited as I am to learn about the awesome March nominees. Cheyenne was one of the individuals nominated for making a difference in our community; she promotes healthy lifestyles by leading High Fitness classes. Before I get into that though, I want to tell you a bit about Cheyenne.

Cheyenne grew up in small town Alberta, moving to Prince George in her Grade 12 year and then to Vanderhoof four years ago.. She is a wife, a mom, a barrel racer, a hobbyist photographer, a Primary Chorister at church, and a High Fitness instructor! On top of teaching four classes a week she still makes time to go to the gym too. She might actually be super woman?

As part of her nomination we spent some time wandering around Vanderhoof, photographing her around town. She is so easy to get along with, very kind, and she has a great smile.

High Fitness

If you've never heard of High Fitness before, don't feel bad. I had never heard of it until Cheyenne launched her high fitness venture last September. Talking to Cheyenne I learned that she is the only instructor in north central B.C. at this point. She first learned about it by taking some classes in Lethbridge and was enamoured with it. She loved that the classes were full of boss ladies who were giving it their all, no matter stage they were at in their fitness goals. Having played sports and going to the gym prior to this she had never taken part in group fitness classes and loved the community feeling that she experienced at the classes; she decided it was something she needed in her life, something that Vanderhoof needed.

She got certified and launched her business. It's been a bit of a tough go at times, being the only instructor and trying to offer classes that fit everyone's schedules. She recently announced a 5:15pm class on Thursday at EDS and I am here for it! If you didn't know, I am training for a half marathon so I need to cross train. I have been horrible at cross training because well, I like to run. We had a great discussion on how there are plenty of runners who use High Fitness to cross train and love it so I am going to go for it! I know there is a lot of runners in Vanderhoof, so if you haven't checked this out, or you know a runner (anyone really) who hasn't checked it out, go try it or tell them to try it! Your first class is free so you literally have nothing to lose except an hour of your time if it's not for you. My first class will be on Thursday so if you want to go and you're too scared to go alone, hit me up! I'll be your cheerleader and you can watch me flail. Guaranteed it will make you feel better.

Okay, back to the point here...

High fitness is essentially an hour ish long aerobics workout, and it will kick your butt no matter how good of shape you are in. That's not an insult, it's just that the better shape you're in the harder you push yourself. Harder, faster, stronger all the time.

These cardio based workouts are for everyone! You don't have to be great at choreography (like me...I embarrass myself sometimes), you don't have to be in great shape already, and you don't have to do everything! You should challenge yourself, sure, but if you're not an instructor like Cheyenne and doing it 4+ times a week, it's okay to need a break. It's encouraged to do what you can and modify or take a break as needed. How perfect is that?

I can't tell you how High Fitness can change your life as I haven't made it to the last two Thursday classes. There's a pretty nasty cold going around and I didn't want to share with everyone last week (I am looking forward to it this week though!). So I asked Cheyenne how it changed her life and she had some real talk to share with us all.

"It has helped my mental health so much. I had PPD after I had my son and it was an awful time in my brain. High fitness pulls me out of the dark times and gives me something to work towards and look forward too.

My weeks fly by now and I just wish I could drag everyone to class who suffers with their mental health. It makes a HUGE difference."

Sounds like something we all need, am I right? As for her biggest take aways from High Fitness, it's all about the attendees for her! Her favourite memory is of a class with 30 people attending. She thrived off the energy and her husband noticed. He had some to the class and was proud of her because she pushed harder than every before with all that energy in the room. Having watched her lead the class for the photos session I can guarantee that whatever energy you bring with you to class, she will double it for you with her enthusiasm and drive. She truly cares about people and wants them to succeed. That is what life is all about! Celebrating the success of others (and yourself of course). Her favo

The most rewarding Seeing women truly shine once they overlook their insecurities and just have fun and work hard. It really makes me emotional to think about. I’m a pretty lucky girl to have met so many amazing women in our community that I probably would have never met without High Fitness!

Also my little toddler loves to squat, burpee and stretch with us.. so I’m glad he thinks it’s just the coolest thing to do that now!