People Profiles

I have had a truly fantastic year and a big part of that has been the friend I have made and the people I have met, through regular life and photography.

We all know those people who are genuinely kind, caring, positive and go above and beyond for other people. I'll be the first to admit, I am not really that person. I'm average and I'm okay with that, but I truly appreciate the people who are above average and I feel like they should be recognized and encouraged.

Here are some of the people who improve my life on a regular basis. This list is nowhere near comprehensive so if you're not on it it doesn't mean you're not important! More likely I didn't have a readily available photo.


You can nominate someone you think deserves a thank-you and a time in the spot light, or you can nominate yourself. You can nominate by emailing me at or by contacting me through messenger or Instagram.

With your nomination tell me a bit about the person. What they do in the community or for their people, how long they've been doing it, and why they are important from your perspective. They don't have to be saving the world, or changing something on a town scale, but someone who is looking forward with a positive mindset.

What will follow

If your nomination agrees to be featured we will set up a date, pick a location, take some beautiful photos and get to know each other a bit. After the session t I will write a blog post about our time together and how they influence the community around them. They will get 15 images of their choice following the release of the blog post.

I am hoping to do one a month. I have plans for January (tentative), February (tentative), March, May and September already. I can't thank you all enough for your support on this project.

**Please note that if you nominate yourself or agree to accept a nomination you are acknowledging that I will be writing a blog post about you and you are giving me consent to do so.**